Top Four Air Con servicing companies in Singapore and the services offered

Air Conditioning is the most important of people’s life. Especially in Singapore, it has become so evident and necessary for the people to have air conditioners for getting cool and fresh air to ensure their comfort all day long. So they need to make sure that the air conditioners are maintained regularly and the currently occurring problems are fixed permanently. A phone call is all that is required to get an experienced staff from a reliable air con servicing company to come home and give a proper treatment to the ventilation system. There are various such companies who are good in aircon servicing. Some of the best air con servicing companies is listed below.

  • DW Air con Servicing Singapore
  • So Cool Pte Ltd
  • Marvellous Air con
  • Oasis Air con

DW Air con Servicing Singapore

DW Air con Servicing has over a decade of experience in air con industry. They are well respected in the field and are driven by their high standards. They are at the top of the line technology and strive hard by travelling extra mile to exceed the expectations of the customers. They have highly skilled professionals who can fix any type of air con issue immediately. From any small issues to advanced servicing problems, the technicians are ready to attend to any type of air con issues.

So Cool Pte Ltd

So Cool Pte Ltd has also been in the air con servicing industry for more than a decade and provides air con service 24/7. They get the issues fixed quickly, regardless of the time or day people call them for servicing their air conditioners. They have experts who can fix any kind of air con issue and they deal will all brands of air con. Their major advantage is that they provide 90 days of warranty for any service they do at the door step.

Marvellous Air Con

Marvellous Air Con provides with the fairest and lowest quotation with every service they make. They provide servicing of the air conditioners at the best discounted rates. They also provide 24/7 on demand servicing and are most reliable in the servicing industry. A quick call or a message would make people get connected with the technicians. Once they hear about the air con issue, the compliant is registered and it is resolved within 24 hours of request.

Oasis Air Con

Oasis Air Con is the most trust worthy air conditioning Company which has larger clientele, delivering outstanding and most reliable services to the customers. They give 30 days of warranty for the service that they do with higher standard of customer service experience. The experts are too much experienced to handle any type of issue that the air conditioners have.