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Measuring DIN4150-2: what equipment do you need?

A lot of people know that vibration can cause damage if they exceed certain values. When you use the right vibration analysis equipment, you can always see if the machines are within the DIN4150-2 regulation prescribe. The problem is that a lot of people who want to use vibration monitoring to measure those vibrations do not exactly know what kind of vibration equipment they need. To help you, we will tell you everything you need to know.

What equipment’s do you need?

Measuring DIN4150-2 is not easy at all. The vibration measurement technology has evolved a lot over the last decades. This makes the equipment that are used to measure DIN4150-2 incredibly special. But what equipment do you use?

The most important part is the vibration monitor. When you choose a vibration monitor, you need to take attention on the following points:

  • The frequency. There are types of vibration meters which work on different kind of measurements. The SBR-B has a different frequency range and a larger dynamic measuring range than the SBR-A. A SRB-B system is around ten times more accurate as the SRB-A system.
  • A filter. For a measuring device it is important to be able to filter the low frequencies. 
  • The battery. In a lot of situations, you will need to measure on certain places where you do not have access to any power. In those cases, you need to be sure that the measuring equipment as a new, good working battery. We are lucky that there are some batteries that can working for almost a week before you need to charge them again. Beside this, there are also designs that are resistant to special climates, like heat, cold, dust and rain. When your battery is running low, but you are still busy measuring the vibrations, it is possible to charge the device in the middle of the project.


When your vibration meter had done the work, you need the data to give you insights on possible faults that are in the construction project. But you are not finished yet. You need a software to analyse, filter and interpret the data you have been measuring. There are multiple software systems that can do this but be sure you find the right one for your own situation.