Repairing an Electronic Ignition Gas Furnace

Electronic ignition in the gas furnace is a modern development that provides reliable performance. The electronic ignition offers energy savings than the standing pilot machines.

Two kinds of electronic ignition can be found,

  • In intermittent pilot- This ignition uses a high-voltage electric spark that ignites a pilot light and mainly the burners when the thermostat calls for heat.
  • A hot surface ignition- This is an electronically controlled resistance heating element to ignite the gas burner.

As per the latest technology, the best furniture companies are using the electric ignition gas furnace to protect them from a big shock.

Types of electronic ignition furnaces

You can find two sorts of furnaces first is induced draft furnaces and the second one is condensing furnaces. You can read them in brief below.

Induced draft furnaces

Induced draft furnaces try to draw out the combustion gas from the chamber with the chimney by using a small fan. The system is more reliable and safer than old conventional surfaces that are based on the natural draft that comes from opening exteriors at the front of the furnace. There is a combined use of three substances to induced draft.

Condensing furnaces

Conventional furnaces use one exchanger while condensing heaters use two heat exchangers. After the gases are burnt to heat the primary gas exchanger, the secondary gas exchanger draws heat out of the hot exhaust gases, that helps to cool them into a point where the water vapour in the exhaust turns into water.

Troubleshooting an intermittent pilot

When there is a requirement of heat, intermittent pilot ignites the burner gas with a high-voltage spark. The primary burner got lights up when the heater senses the pilot flame. When the thermostat calls for heat, the intermittent pilot flame goes out after the heating.

Troubleshooting a hot surface ignitor

The hot surface ignitor is the generally used electronic ignition system. When the electricity is passed through it, it lights up. The igniter is placed in the entering of burners. For the most typical condition, the hot surface ignitor is last for three to five years that gots crack and are essential to be replaced.

Reading controlboard codes

The modern electronic ignition system consists of an inbuilt integrated circuit board, which controls many complex processes. The board can provide the failure codes with the same as the diagnostic computer system in a particular car. The winking lights in the board indicated a failure. Necessary actions should be taken when these lights are shown.

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